The Vampire Diaries Cast’s Real-Life Couples

By LaToya Ferguson. Not yet. She still has a full life to live, even though Bonnie is more than willing to die to be with the recently deceased love of her life, Enzo Michael Malarkey. Hate the player, not the game. Once that last bell rings, this stupid town will go up and flames and everybody will go poof. But then their ashes will go poof. Any woman would. Stefan is the better man. The thing is, Katherine needs to be back in Hell. And someone needs to make sure she goes there.

THEN AND NOW: The cast of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

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“you’re kidding right? this is the second time i’ve tried to kill you.” You’re dating. Fangirl Challenge: [8/40] Romantic Relationships» Tyler and Caroline.

The Vampire Diaries showed us 8 seasons and episodes. And, although it ended two years ago, we still love the series’ cast and want to know more about them. Whose ex-wife served a sentence? Who introduced her boyfriend to his future wife? And who is raising three children with their husband? In this article, we will tell you all about the private lives of the Vampire Diaries stars. So read on! Let’s start with the youngest of the Salvatore brothers, played by Paul Wesley.

If you thought Stefan’s love life was a mess, you have not heard about Paul’s affairs and romances. We were surprised to find out that Wesley’s first wife was his co-star on the Vampire Diaries set. When Paul got cast in Vampire Diaries, he and Torrey had to live miles away from each other! So it truly was a gift of fate when Torrey got cast in the same TV series as him.

In what episode do Tyler and Caroline get together and become a real couple?

I’m here today with a review for the French Quarter News. I know, that usually I do interviews, but I changed my position into a reviewer, because.. Theme for this week was Caroline, and I really love this theme, because Caroline is my other favorite character. I maybe write some things in the wrong season’s place.

OMG The renewed ‘Vampire Diaries’ is going to do something SO You’ll die at this Caroline and Klaus easter egg in the new Legacies.

The Vampire Diaries , a one-hour American supernatural drama , was officially renewed for a third season by The CW on April 26, , that aired from September 15, , to May 10, The third season consisted of 22 episodes and focused on the story of Klaus ‘ origin, his relation with his family and reveal more about the original family.

The third season opened to generally positive reviews. The season takes a gap from the last season and begins with Elena Gilbert ‘s 18th birthday with all series regulars returning with the exception of Sara Canning whose character Jenna Sommers was killed off in the previous season. Joseph Morgan ‘s character Klaus became a series regular instead of returning as a recurring character. The third season premiered on Thursday, September 15, He feeds on vampires and is hunting Klaus.

When his plan to kill Klaus backfires, Mikael is killed by Klaus instead. Alice Evans joined the cast as the original witch Esther, Klaus’ mother.

Got Forwood – Top Ten Tyler/Caroline Moments of Season Two

Melissa Girimonte. Their love came to an end in Season 2, but when it was at its best, these two were Mystic Falls RelationshipGoals. Rose may not have been a fan fave, but there’s no denying this pairing was short and sweet. In “The Sacrifice,” Rose took a werewolf bite for Damon, leading to a friends-with-benefits situation that went far beyond sex. A close friendship formed between Rose and Damon, which made her demise that much more of a downer.

Remember their passionate kiss in the woods (when Klaus was finally himself and not in control of Tyler’s body)?. The CW.

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The Vampire Diaries: Forgotten Couples

Stefan and Damon’s niece comes home from boarding school and meets tyler, serena knows that her uncles are vampires and the town is supernatural, tyler asks serena out on date , will she go out with a new werewolf? Summary: Love at night starts off with serena salvatore the niece of mystic falls oldest vampires and is part of the founding members of mystic falls. An 2: i hope you enjoy love at night 2.

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The Vampire Diaries has finally come to an end after eight successful seasons and we already miss it! This relationship came shortly after his fleeting romance with Vicki Donovan. Unfortunately, she died when Uncle John Gilbert came back into town and staked her. Probably not because their relationship was so fleeting. Back then. Bonnie was just a high school student looking for a fling, but Ben had other intentions as he turned out to be a vampire working under the command of Anna Zhu.

Caroline and Matt dated at the end of season one and throughout a good chunk of season two. At first she was just using him to make Damon jealous, but their relationship blossomed into more. They actually seemed like a really good match, but then Caroline was turned into a vampire which ended their relationship for good. Nothing bad happened between them, Matt simply started to notice Caroline acting differently and eventually the two drifted apart. They sure made a cute couple though!

Damon and Elena have A DAUGHTER and she just made her debut on ‘Legacies’

Candice Accola sat down with us to chat about her Lyme disease fund-raising efforts, more details on that soon! If that means we can both keep our jobs, then yes I do! Yeah of course, I mean at this point it could go either way.

But we really can’t say about His love for Caroline and Camille but let’s analyze CAROLINE 1. When Klaus met Caroline, he was most powerful among them. Cause he forgiven Tyler for her, shown pity, helped Elena with giving them hybrid for I personally always thought Klaus, but on rewatch, I am really starting to.

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: words May 10th , Kai and Jo ran away instead of merging, on the run since then 18 years later they come to MF. They’re about to take their jobs in Whitmore hospital.

Bonnie’s the only Bennett witch left: 19, going on 20, student in her second year in college, dating Jeremy and friends with vampires. She becomes an ally of the twins but what if feelings bloom between her and Kai? Usually, Bonnie Bennett stays far away from trouble. She’s the perfect friend, student, and daughter.

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