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Taylor Swift’s alleged old Myspace comments and pictures are as cute and awkward as you’d imagine

Park Jaebum Jay Park , the leader of 2PM, caused a lot of controversy recently with some comments found on his Myspace dating back to , when he first became a trainee. With comments left by Jaebum saying things like:. These comments Jaebum made caused outrage among netizens.

Taylor’s alleged MySpace comments in a chronological order from to If you were a guy I’d probably date you. They’re all weird.

By Helena Horton. Taylor Swift has made a fortune out of relating to young women in her songs. Internet sleuths have allegedly unearthed old comments and pictures from the star’s old Myspace page. Here she is taking a selfie with friends, years before front-facing cameras popularised the phenomenon. More interestingly, young Taylor Swift left some classic comments on the pages belonging to her friends.

Another talks about the artist Grant Wood and also remarks that her friend Shelby’s boobs look amazing in a picture.

How One Computer Hacker Conquered Online Dating, Opens Locked Cars, and More (#74)

A couple of people maybe about to neck? Ah, yes, Tinder — the app that was supposed to facilitate strings-free fuckin’ and suckin’ and has now turned into the primary means of acquiring a long, tenuous relationship in this, the year And again, they have changed Tinder. They have teamed up with Spotify so you can put a song on your profile, like in the olden days, the Myspace days.

Since learning that just now, I’ll bet you’ve been obsessing over this question: what do various VICE writers and both the interns think their Tinder profile song should be and why?

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Kissed a stranger: Funny story here. I was sitting on my front porch at about 17 years old and a girl walked by the house and we just started making out. It was weird. Was your last relationship a mistake? No, relationships are learning experiences and were right for their time. To Lynn, or maybe one of my kids over the phone back at work. Have you ever been depressed? Not clinically but sometimes I’m down.

It never lasts though. How do you want to die? Painlessly at years old. What kind of morbid question is that? Do you tan a lot? I don’t go out of my way to tan but if one catches me I’m cool with that too.

Myspace funny funky layouts

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. We all have THAT embarrassing photo from the past that we kept in a locked drawer or a hidden computer folder. As much as our former selves would hate to admit, our moms were right when they said it was just a phase.

tsunami, his tagged, match, online dating, business making money online. To use one of the myspace comment images simply copy (Ctrl+C) the HTML below the image, paste it (Ctrl+V) into your myspace profile or/and comments area.

Recent Comments Submit a Status Message. Search Messages:. Most Recent. I saved a ton money on a security system by hanging a picture of my paycheck on the front door. I’ve been all across this nation Traveled by train, plane, bus and car And I’ve never met one person that makes zzz sounds when they sleep. The further a society drifts from the truth, The more it will hate those who speak it Due to all that’s happened so far this year, I have no choice but to deduct 2 stars from my original TripAdvisor review of Earth.

No, things are not getting worse. They are just getting more obvious. A lie doesn’t become truth, wrong doesn’t become right, and evil doesn’t become good, just because it’s accepted by a majority. Acknowledge many, trust few, but always paddle your own Canoe. I’m not buying a calendar until I see the trailer. Not gonna get me again. I had a lazy eye as a child and now the rest of my body has caught up.


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[Doris on dating] “The thing to remember is, don’t go giving him nothing on the first night [Bryn on social media] “I’ve been updating the MySpace; I’ve got 17 friends 20 of the most absurdly funny quotes from Nathan Barley.

When I was at Uni, Myspace was a file-sharing service. It was widely used to distribute things like Simpsons episodes [and thus was very popular with students], but was presumably unprofitable. It was also one of the few file-sharing services back then that would work through a pretty draconian firewall, as it did its magic via HTTP. There’s no mention of this in the article – would it be appropriate to add a note somewhere?

I just read it began in August, I believe this should be investigated as that was my third MySpace account. Maluka , 10 July UTC. I’m not deleting the criticism section because I must admit that I appreciate the way myspace has encouraged people to attempt basic programming and also to communicate in general. And as many dumb things that myspace promotes, it also promotes worthy artists, institutions, etc.

My main complaint is that many of the criticisms of myspace. If potential employees post dumb things on myspace it’s not myspace’s fault!

— Taylor Swift’s 2005-2006 MySpace Comments

I remember a time when you could change your profile name without agreeing to the terms of service agreement. I miss those days. Not because I want to go through the single life once again.

~sweet quote about Cute Sayings Myspace Love Quotes Funny My mom says that if I don’t get a date by tomorrow, she’s putting me up for.

Time of posts on 24h. NB: All the comments are replies to unknown posts by her friends, so the context is unknown. I am inside the van with a telescope and computer. And yes, I can verify that you do know every word to that song. I love you for it. You have always been so nice to me. Thankyou for everything. You may not have noticed but it really meant a lot to me. And got best smile.

And should have gotten everything else. Hahah iloveyou. Well, anyway, listen my queer fellow. I thinketh we shall hangeth out sometime soon, eh? Life pretty much sucks anyway.

Taylor Swift’s alleged MySpace surfaces with hillarious photos and comments

By Chelsea White For Dailymail. After more than a decade, no doubt this star was hoping this embarrassing piece of social media would never resurface. Taylor Swift can thank the good people over at Buzzfeed for having enough time on their hands to trawl the internet and find all that remains for the star’s alleged MySpace.

While it seems like her page may have been erased, cringeworthy nuggets remain and now have been collated together to remind the world of what the then-teen star was like.

The question is, WILL MYSPACE BECOME COOL AGAIN? Everyone at the MySpace offices is holding their breath. Comments · cyclops · myspace · twitter.

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Samy Kamkar is one of the most innovative and notorious computer hackers in the United States. If you want to learn how Samy hacks everything from online dating to car alarms, this episode is for you. His research and findings led to a series of class-action lawsuits against these companies and a privacy hearing on Capitol Hill. But to get us started, here is an epic, wine-fueled conversation with Samy about all things hacking-related….

Transcripts of all episodes can be found here. No more ironing, no more steaming, no more hassle.

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Almost every day, Kenneth Scalir takes a trip to the library or a cafe near his home in Sherman Oaks, California, to spend about an hour on his favourite site: Myspace. Scalir, 48, is one of a dwindling group of people still committed to what was once the most popular social networking platform in the world, with more than million users at its peak.

While most people have long abandoned Myspace in favour of Facebook , Twitter and Snapchat, Scalir roams the digital graveyard searching for signs of life. Scalir joined Myspace in early , about six months after the site launched. He loved how the site allowed users to customise their profiles and discover new music. In the early days, he would regularly chat to other users and in a handful of cases met up with digital friends offline.

Although he now has more than , connections, interactions with other humans are rare.

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