Crackerjack is a British children’s television series that aired on the BBC Television Service from 14 September until 21 December except during On 11 February , it was announced that Crackerjack would return in , 35 years after it was last aired. The second series of Crackerjack is confirmed to start filming in October The format of the programme included competitive games for teams of children, a music spot, a comedy double act, and a finale in which the cast performs a short comic play, adapting popular songs of the day and incorporating them into the action. One of the games was a quiz called “Double or Drop”, where each of three contestants was given a prize to hold for each question answered correctly, but given a cabbage if they were incorrect. They were out of the game if they dropped any of the items awarded or received a third cabbage. While the winner took his or her pick from a basket of toys, every runner-up won a much-envied marbled propelling pencil as a prize, which became so popular that in Queen Elizabeth was presented with Crackerjack pencils for Anne and Charles. In , in a bid to boost flagging ratings, Crackerjack introduced gunge into its games and launched a new game called ‘Take a Chance’ in which the celebrity guests – one female, one male – could score extra points for the contestant they teamed up with by competing against Stu Francis in a quickfire question tie. A wrong answer or the opponent answering first would lead to Francis or the celebrity guest being covered in gunge.

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Originally published on philly. Chef Tim Spinner is the mind behind 95 percent of the dishes at the local Feliz Mexican restaurants. It was and the partners had just opened Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington, the first of what is now a four-restaurant chain. So he asked his pastry chef to make a brownie and, within a week, this so-called Domingo sundae was on the dessert menu, where it has remained ever since, the one constant and the best-selling sweet at Cantina and all the subsequent Feliz restaurants.

There is also the quality of the ingredients: The caramel corn, brownie and churros ice cream are all made from scratch at the birthplace Cantina.

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Both dress whites and dress blues, worn by E-6 and below, have been updated after a six year trial-and-error effort. Chief of Naval Operations Adm. Tony Kurta, director of military plans and personnel for the chief of naval personnel, said in a May 17 interview. We did multiple wear tests. We did tests of both different designs and differing materials. The uniform takes cues from full dress whites, a version of crackerjacks phased out in The new whites now mirror the blues in appearance: They feature a yoke around the chest and black piping on the back bib and along the tailored cuffs at the end of the sleeves.

But the wear may be different. For one, getting in and out of the pants just got much faster — a zipper has been installed in the front, rendering the 13 buttons a purely decorative element.

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When a sexy engineer hires a reformed hacker in Cape Town to help solve her boss’s disappearance, the hunt quickly becomes deadly. Then one Friday afternoon in Cape Town, her dream is shattered. Three months later and the police are no closer to solving the riddle. No job, no car, no phone, Carla turns to the one person she believes can help: software hacker turned day-trader, Daniel Le Fleur.

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He was shot and killed in while fighting in World War II , which is what kickstarted all the events that would poison and destroy everyone in their family. Crackerjack Sugarman was a young adult, male, liver chestnut horse and soldier. He had dark brown liver chestnut fur, a short blonde mane, and a pink snout with a white snip. He bore a strong resemblance to his posthumous nephew, BoJack. He is depicted wearing a green button-down decorated military jacket and green pants, a green top hat with a brown brim, yellow collared shirt, and tie.

A photograph of him in the background of The Old Sugarman Place depicts him with a white swim shirt, dark shorts, and a white belt. Crackerjack appeared briefly—but he seemed to take after his mother, Honey; kind, pleasant, caring, upbeat, and full of life, with a talent for music. The two were very close and had a special song they would play on the piano together, I Will Always Think of You.


Young, bright and sexy, Carla Vitale has been handpicked to run Supertech, Africa’s leading independent Engineering firm. Then one Friday afternoon in Cape Town, her dream is shattered. Three months later and the police are no closer to solving the riddle.

We can’t wait to introduce a new set of Crackerjack ‘crush-a-grape’ catchphrases to a new generation of fans!Helen Bullough. Date:

Your sports-only digital subscription does not include access to this section. Please log in, or sign up for a new account to continue reading. You must be a full digital subscriber to read this article. You must be a digital subscriber to view this article. We hope that you continue to enjoy our free content. Updated: August 25, pm. The sailor boy and dog are still on every box but with newer clothes and different features. Companies that have been in business for a long time often have updated and changed the logo or slogan used in advertising.

Collectors can usually identify the age of the ad from the words and pictures that were used. Cracker Jack was first sold in from a cart in Chicago. The mixture of popcorn, molasses and peanuts, sometimes called the first junk food in America, was very popular. This 9-byinch die-cut cardboard store sign pictures an early version of the sailor boy. The early toys are popular with collectors, and there is even a Cracker Jack Collectors Association.

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Slang Of excellent quality or ability; fine. Switch to new thesaurus. Having or demonstrating a high degree of knowledge or skill: adept , crack , expert , master , masterful , masterly , professional , proficient , skilled , skillful. A person with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field: ace , adept , authority , dab hand , expert , master , past master , professional , proficient , wizard.

of the most iconic enlisted uniform in today’s US Navy, the famous Crackerjack! Unlike the rest of the uniform, the service hat, or “Dixie Cup,” has no such.

There were lots of major announcements at DC FanDome Check out everything you missed in our news roundup. Read more. This hilarious mockumentary film follows the numerous misadventures of a porta-john worker through both his personal and professional life, including an oddly glamorous excursion to the Pumper and Cleaner Expo in Nashville, TN. A working-class family from Melbourne, Australia fights city hall after being told they must vacate their beloved family home to allow for infrastructural expansion.

Tony Stilano and Trev Spackneys both own, live over and work in adjoining take-away fish shops in Melbourne. Although they have fallen into a habitual rivalry based on a cause long A remote Australian community, populated by quirky characters, plays a key role in the first Apollo moon landing. Few knew the toughest hurdles were already behind them. In exclusive interviews “SEC Ready” tells the Slapstick mockumentary about an enthusiastic Aussie wildlife expert, Russell Coight, whose haphazard and inept adventuring style ensures that he is a danger to anything and anyone he meets, not to mention himself.

Eddy, a small-time Chicago criminal with a penchant for dim-witted schemes, is on the run.

Dating Stories #28: “Crush it!” – I negotiate a HOT GIRL’S frame test and enjoy a crackerjack date.